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Sense the Mediterranean

Explore Mallorca's breathtaking scenery and picturesque villages while cycling like you've never experienced before. Premium cycling tours in Mallorca like no other.



An elite cycling adventure in Mallorca

Have you ever envisioned your ideal day on a bicycle? We certainly did, and that's how our journey began, thinking of a cycling vacation where luxury meets an unparalleled biking experience.


A project born from the idea of bringing together cycling, nature, culinary delights, a vibrant community and positive energy in one extraordinary destination: Mallorca.


Upcoming featured trips


FROM 2.990,00 € PP

Spring 2024 | From 3 to 6 days

Sierra de Tramuntana Premium Tour

Set out on a remarkable cycling expedition through the enchanting heart of Mallorca, where each day unveils a fresh and thrilling adventure. 

Distance: 215 km. | Elevation: 4.010 m.


FROM 4.850,00 € PP

Spring 2024 | From 3 to 6 days

Medfeel's Wine & Tapas special Tour

Embark on a cycling expedition through the heart of Mallorca, immersing yourself in authentic local culture, wines, and tapas. Your journey revolves around the island's hidden spots, offering an exploration of Mallorca's true essence.

Distance: 226 km. | Elevation: 1.367 m.


FROM 4.950,00 € PP

Spring 2024 | From 3 to 6 days

The full Mallorca sea coast Tour

Experience Mallorca like never before on a 6-day cycling tour. Conquer challenging routes, savor breathtaking views, and delight in local cuisine. From coastal roads to mountain climbs, each day offers a new adventure. 

Distance: 312 km. | Elevation: 4.022 m.

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Come and feel the island

What guests have said

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Emilia | Germany

About Sierra de Tramuntana Luxury Experience

We had a great time cycling in Mallorca. Adrian and Jaume were fantastic guides, making sure we had a good time and saw the best of the island. Highly recommended for a fun and active holiday.
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Juan | Spain

About Sierra de Tramuntana Luxury Experience

"An unforgettable journey filled with scenic beauty, gourmet treats, and a camaraderie like no other. Truly the pinnacle of cycling experiences."
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Jack | England

About Sierra de Tramuntana Premium Experience

Mallorca was a blast, except for one rainy day. Kudos to the guides for seamlessly shifting gears, organizing a market visit when biking wasn't feasible. Their quick thinking and dedication to our experience made the trip truly memorable. Highly recommend these flexible guides!

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