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Cancellation Policy:

Bicycle rental services: Cancellation policies for bike rental services, both manual and electric, are as follows:

More than 14 days before rental: 95% refund
14 to 7 days before rental: 70% refund
7 days to 48 hours before rental: 50% refund
Less than 48 hours before rental: No refund
Cancellations made after these deadlines will incur the full fee for the contracted service.

Guide and Transfer Services: Guide and transfer services may be cancelled free of charge up to 48 hours before the agreed time (for large groups exceeding 4 PAX, it will be 72 hours). Cancellations made after this deadline will result in the total charge of the contracted service fee.

Weather Conditions: In case of obvious bad weather on the day of the reservation, such as rain, wind, or other atmospheric conditions severely impeding the service, Medfeel® will first propose to postpone the service to one of the following days. If the customer cannot reschedule the service or mutual agreement on availability is not reached, the cancellation will be free of charge.

Cancellation by Medfeel®: In the event that Medfeel® cancels the service for various reasons, no charges will be made for the services reserved by the customer under any circumstances. Medfeel® undertakes to notify the customer as soon as possible in case it is necessary to cancel the service for reasons beyond the customer's control.

Cancellation Procedure: Cancellations must be notified to Medfeel® in writing or by phone, either by email or through the previously agreed communication channel.

Terms & Conditions:

Responsibilities: the lessee is obliged to use the bicycle and its equipment responsibly. The bicycle must be returned in a clean state and in perfect working condition, or additional charges may apply. The lessee must promptly inform Medfeel S.L. of any damage or theft of vehicles or equipment. The lessee will be responsible for repair costs, and in case of theft, will have to pay the market value of the item via credit card. The bicycle will be provided by Medfeel S.L. in perfect condition, and any imperfections will be documented in the rental contract and shown to the client. The lessee will not be held responsible for damages or deterioration resulting from normal use of the bicycle. The lessee is responsible for securing the bike overnight in a garage or closed room for security. It is advisable to keep the bicycle in sight at all times to prevent theft.

The lessee is responsible for adhering to all existing traffic laws in Spain.

We recommend that you always carry identification and a mobile phone with you. Additionally, consider obtaining accident insurance coverage during your holiday.


The lessee is responsible for any damages caused to themselves or others during the rental period. Medfeel S.L. does not accept responsibility for claims from third parties regarding accidents, injuries, or damages caused by the lessee, nor for any loss of personal property.

By accepting Medfeel®'s services, the customer acknowledges and accepts this cancellation policy in its entirety. Medfeel® reserves the right to make modifications to this policy, notifying the customer of any changes in due time.

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