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Medfeel's Wine & Tapas special Tour

2.490,00€ PP



Adrián Casanova


$ -  The perfect tour given an accesible price for cycling enthusiast


$$ - Curated hotel boutiques and local gastronomy experiences


$$$ - The best accommodation and emblematic restaurants


Tour from 3 to 6 days (recommended) & minimum group size 6 people.
For tailored requests contact

The trip in a nutshell

Experience Mallorca like never before on a 6-day cycling tour. Conquer challenging routes, savor breathtaking views, and delight in local cuisine. From coastal roads to mountain climbs, each day offers a new adventure. Explore Mallorca's culture and gastronomy while satisfying your craving for unforgettable moments.  

Starting: point:

Finish point:

Total elevation:

Total kms:

Total days:

Group size:

Hardest day:



1.367 m

226 km


6 - 12

66 km and 430 m. climb

All inclusions

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- Thoughtfully selected accommodations

*Luggage transfers

*Day laundry

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*A wine tasting experience*

*2 massages in 2 of our out-standing hotels*



- Top-of-the-line bicycle

- Bike helmet

- Complimentary Medfeel gear (cycling jersey and water bottle)

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*Expert bilingual guides with extensive local knowledge

*Daily bike maintenance to ensure optimal performance



- Daily breakfasts, all lunches, nutritious snacks, and après velo cocktails

*4 gourmet dinners at our favorite local restaurants 

*Selected local wine, beer, or spirits with every meal

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- Airoport pick-up and drop-off 

*Support vehicle that offers lifts and assistance during the whole tour

Not included: airfare, dinner in one free night, gratuities and travel protection.

*Services only included on PREMIUM & LUXURY CLASS.

Day by day



Arriving in Palma, a sense of anticipation fills the air for the exciting journey that awaits. Check into a welcoming hotel where Mallorcan hospitality awaits you. During the onboarding session with our knowledgeable guides, get a sneak peek into the upcoming cycling adventure. The island's flavors come alive with a delightful welcome catering.

Once settled, explore the captivating old town of Palma, where history whispers through cobblestone streets and architectural wonders. The day reaches its peak with a dinner excursion to a traditional tapas restaurant, treating you to local delights paired with regional wines. It sets the perfect tone for the culinary exploration that lies ahead.


On our first day of the cycling adventure, we'll set off from the city center, pedaling into the heart of Mallorca. The crisp morning air will accompany you through picturesque landscapes, navigating roads that wind through charming vineyards. Your journey will lead you to a delightful vineyard, where a guided tour awaits, taking you through lush vineyards and cellars, providing insights into the art of winemaking.

Upon completing the cycling tour, immerse yourself in the richness of Mallorca's vines with a carefully curated wine tasting. Each sip becomes a symphony of flavors. Following this, head back to the hotel, your senses primed for the culinary voyage that awaits.


Embark on this stage, experiencing the heart of Mallorca as you cycle through charming villages and almond orchards. Immerse yourself in the simplicity of local life, taking in the sights and scents of the countryside.

The day reaches its peak at one of Mallorca's beloved restaurants, offering a hearty meal. Delight in a spread of local dishes, showcasing the culinary richness of the island. After a satisfying meal, a relaxed transfer brings you back to the hotel, situated in the heart of Mallorca. Enjoy a leisurely evening in the countryside, reflecting on the day's experiences and gearing up for the adventures that await tomorrow.


Today, we embark on a cycling adventure across the island, following the legendary Camí Vell de Muro. Traversing ancient routes, relish breathtaking views along the way. This ride is a journey back in time, allowing you to connect with Mallorca's history amidst picturesque landscapes.

Experience the essence of the past as you navigate these mythical paths, taking in the diverse terrains. Beyond the physical adventure, the cycling route offers a visual spectacle, showcasing the beauty of Mallorca.

The journey unfolds, revealing the timeless allure of Mallorca and creating lasting memories along the way.


Prepare for the last stretch of our journey, cycling from the northern reaches to the southern charm of Mallorca. Start the day with a hearty breakfast, gearing you up for the adventure ahead. Bid farewell to the tranquil north as we traverse the island's diverse landscapes.

Rolling towards Palma, watch as the scenery transforms, revealing the vibrant south. Pedal through sun-kissed landscapes, capturing the essence of Mallorca's varied beauty. The journey brings us back to where it all began—Palma. Arrive in time to savor the final evening, reminiscing about the miles covered, the flavors savored, and the simple joys of a cycling odyssey through Mallorca.


As the sun rises on departure day, take a moment to reflect on the unforgettable moments of our cycling escapade through Mallorca. From the charming streets of Palma to the heart of the island and back, each pedal stroke revealed the authentic beauty and culinary treasures of the island. Remember the taste of fine wines, the aroma of local tapas, and the warmth of village encounters.

Bid farewell to Mallorca, carrying with you the memories of picturesque landscapes, ancient routes, and the camaraderie of the journey. Until we meet again, may the spirit of this cycling adventure linger as a cherished memory of Mallorca's sun, wind, and the open road. Safe travels!
Bid farewell to Mallorca, carrying the memories of picturesque landscapes, ancient routes, and the camaraderie of the journey. Until we meet again, may the spirit of this cycling adventure linger as a cherished memory of Mallorca's sun, wind, and the open road. Safe travels!

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